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Chameleon Painters Inc. will fulfill your painting and construction needs

For every project we undertake, standards are met and satisfaction is achieved.  

Our team of experts are provided with an extensive knowledge of the services we provide, products we use and the application involved. This is reflected on our growing portfolio and brimming list of satisfied customers, which include property managers, general contractors, interior designers and architects. 

Currently serving the five boroughs and beyond.

We adhere to a strict quality assurance policy

Between the field work and office tasks, we make sure that there's an ongoing work flow from beginning to end. We work closely with other teams on the job to reach dead lines.

Team Leader

"In this job, it's important to have a positive attitude to get a positive result. It's also important to listen to what your clients are saying, understand what they want, and get on it."

Aaron is the project manager with 20 years of experience in the industry, gaining the respect and acknowledgement of many.

Residential and Commercial Services

We offer complete finishing services that include the following:

Wall Preparation/Taping

Plastering/Scim Coating

Painting (brush, roller, spray)

Water Damage Repair

Cabinet Refinishing

Wallpaper Installation and Repair

Light Construction

Didn't find what you need? No worries! We understand that every painting job and construction project is unique. Our network of specialized contractors is an opportunity for you to complete your home improvements fast and easy. Let us know how we can help!



Chameleon Painters just finished painting my living room, dining room & hallways and did an outstanding job. They were so responsive, answered my many questions and even responded to simple questions on weekends. Their price was reasonable and they were able to easily not only get insurance but do random lead testing my building required. 

The painting itself is gorgeous. They patched a ton of holes, did lots of trim, doors and a gorgeous job on all. Their painter was professional, thorough and detailed. They even cleaned up bad old paint lines on the wood floor that the previous owners had done. I would recomend them over and over, could not have had a better experience.


More coming soon!

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